Thursday, June 02, 2011

Second Test Match

Sri Lanka start the next test match tomorrow against a England team who must be ecstatic about the way they managed win the last test match. Although that result can be blamed on the stupidity & the incompetency of Sri Lankan batsman, English bowlers did an admirable job of maintaining a good line & length. Sri Lanka can only go up after that debacle & all Sri Lankans are praying that our two batting behemoths do not suffer a collective failure again. In truth we can’t bear even one of them to fail in both innings, Mahela & Sangakkara must be at their best & guide the other players around them.
Although this defeat can’t be blamed on Dilshan’s captaincy, he still have everything to prove. I don’t believe he was the right choice for captaincy, but sadly he was the only choice after Sangakkara’s resignation. If anyone is to blame, then it is Mahela for resigning to give captaincy for Sanga. If Mahela has not resigned then he surely would have been the captain until the world cup & then the baton could have been passed to Sanga with Anjelo as his deputy. This was the ideal scenario that should have been, but due to various known & unknown reasons the two best players of our generation decided that the Sri Lankan captaincy is too much of a hassle.
Now it rest on player who said to have actively campaigned for it, who many believe is unsuited for the responsibility. But doubt is something Dilshan has to endure for much of his carrier, if not the entirety of it. Upto now he has managed to beat all the odds against him & carve out a good record for himself. Hope he does the same with the captaincy & prove his doubters wrong once & for all.


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