Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Protest Against Private Universities

Why this agitation against the impending arrival of private universities? Is it a privatization of the education ? will this be the end of free education of Sri Lanka ? As far as a outside observer can see, this is an agitation solely based on the survival of these student unions & their affiliated political parties. Because there is no privatization of any existing universities. Only there will be new privately run universities which offers degrees programs for a fee for people who wants to pursue higher studies but were unable to attain the necessary qualification through Advance Levels. Even currently this is happening & only thing different is the universities are in abroad. And because of that students has to spend more money & every single cent of these monies spend will be going out of Sri Lanka. And due to the higher cost involved due to stringent visa processes, many are unable to pursue this method even when they are willing to do so.
Local private universities will provide those people a easy & affordable method of higher education while avoiding the outflow of money from Sri Lanka. So everything is good, right ? unfortunately no. Because the JVP student union has seen this as threat to their existence, although they are not saying it as such & try to dress it up as a threat to the free education of Sri Lanka. Because if these private universities becomes a reality the students in the government universities will also see the truth. That is the futility of the most of the so called student union actions. Strikes, protest, picketing & hunger strikes will be reduced immediately & these political pasties & their lackeys in unions will lose a very important sector of their support. Because who will want to strike & prolong their time in universities when their counterparts in private universities mind their own business, do their studies & graduate earlier than them & get jobs ? Except for a very minor section majority will see the futility of most these union actions & the current status enjoyed by the inter university student council will cease dramatically.
This is certainly will not acceptable for the council leaders& the JVP. Because currently it is the only demographic which they have a major following. So they will try to dupe the students & the general public in to believing that this is a great black monster, which has come to eat up the free education. But now many are wise to their tactics & seems that the common sense will prevail (Amunugama backs private universities ). At least it will be a one correct decision taken by this government regarding national education after the recent blunders committed.



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