Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A method in his madness or a madness in his method ???

Two days are elapsed after the southern provincial election & all the furor  surrounding it before has died pretty quickly.  As usual UNP has recorded another abject failure & JVP are now looking like one of the old left parties. Very soon JVP will have to either give up or become a partner to an alliance with either UNP or UPFA. The problem there would be that if they take either option, they will lose whatever the grass root support they   currently enjoy. Tough luck. On the other hand UNP must be praying that the new alliance they are trying to form becomes a reality soon & all the parties in the opposition comes together under that banner & be able to at least give a fight to the UPFA in whatever upcoming election (General or Presidential ??). Which is wishful thinking at the best of times, because there will be a big scramble for the nomination of Presidential candidate, when its hard to see Ranil supporting any other candidate while he is the leader of UNP. Mangala & Co knows that they don’t have a chance of winning with Ranil as the Candidate. Anyway all these parties are hardly compatible with each other (whatever Mangala seems to believe) with UNP & many other potential partners are speaking to the same demographic (ethnic & religious minorities). They will not have a good way of appealing to the majority Sinhala – Buddhist demographic with this coalition, unless they find a very good neutral Candidate for the Presidential election. That is if the presidential election if the first to come. If it is the other one, then the JVP support seems to be   bare minimum requirement for success of this new alliance. Again are JVP desperate enough to go down that path ??

Anyway the speculation about the Chief Minister post for the southern province seems to have gone away after the Former CM has got the highest preferential votes in the entire province. All though its not yet confirmed, hard to think that it will be given to any other person. Except if Shan Wijelal is offered a nomination in the upcoming general election as a incentive to not to pursue the CM post. Which is plausible in the current political environment in SL. Anyway the much hyped candidates from the Galle district managed to win, but utterly failed to get the expected number of preferential votes in the case of Sajin Vass & defied the hopes opposition in the case of Anarkali. Interestingly Nishantha Muthuhettigama, who seems to be one a single man crusade against these two candidates from the same party has succeeded in his effort to get the attention of the voting public to become the third highest in the votes list. He was accused of being thug, being unruly or being completely insane during the cause of this election. But he seems to have achieved his goal. Was there a method in his madness or a madness in his method ???

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