Thursday, November 13, 2008


Why am I doing a Blog ? Because I have delusions of grandeur of being a writer or because it’s something I want to do as a hobby ? I have no idea actually. Anyway blogging has not happened as frequently as I hope & wanted it to be. Why am I blogging now ? Mainly because out of the blue I got a comment for the my last post. By Theja who is a colleague of mine @ my work place. His blog conscience is a nice thoughtful blog which I found interesting. Which suddenly made me wants to update mine. Hope this interest lasts….

These last few months has been an interesting passage of my life. I found my life changing bit by bit after the marriage. Beforehand I never thought about how it will change my daily routines. But now I find myself leaving work as soon as possible since now she is pregnant. Before I was one of the last to leave the office, but now I have to plan about the days I want to be late & adjust my schedules. And look after her needs & make sure that I keep her happy & comfortable. Many say that having kid is a big responsibility, but I still didn’t feel like that. I’m sure in the near future I may have to seriously think about it. As the new US president elect Barack Obama (Aren’t we all glad that he won!)said “we need change”. And fate has delivered the change to my once aimless life & currently I’m enjoying it thoroughly .


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