Saturday, November 29, 2008

……Those who would murder innocents…….

Since he was & is the man of the moment for some time now, let me quote Barack Obama's words about the killers of 9/11: "My powers of empathy, my ability to reach into another's heart, cannot penetrate the blank stares of those who would murder innocents with such serene satisfaction". I can’t even comprehend having empathy towards such kind of monstrous animals who kill in the name of god. To kill innocent kids, women & men who goes on minding their own business trying to survive, to make their & their families lives better were killed needlessly & without any compassion in the last few days in Mumbai, the financial hub of India. There can be no dispute that this atrocity was committed by people blinded by religious favor who are looking to be martyrs to a misguided cause.

To think that there are people & organizations out there who support, collect money & advance causes of these terrorists is the biggest concern right now facing the free world. They hide behind the wails of religion, race & various other bogus rights. The most recent example we Sri Lankans had was the protests held in Tamilnadu, India by various political parties & entertainment industry against the war waged by Sri Lankan forces against LTTE, the most deadly terrorist group in the world. It is them who has introduced suicide attacks, it is them who glorified killing innocent civilians in the name of liberation. To those protestors in India, they were freedom fighters who were fighting for just cause. The fact these so called freedom fighters fight by setting up Bus bombs, attacking & killing villagers were not their concern. Even that LTTE has killed all the prominent Tamil political figures who fought for the truth, which is LTTE is no sort of representative of Tamils in Sri Lanka let alone the sole representative has escaped Karunanidhi & the protesters. Just like in Mumbai, Bagdad or Kabul, LTTE terrorists have killed tens of thousands of innocent kids, women & men of Sri Lanka irrespective of whether they are Sinhala, Tamil, Buddhist, Christian Hindu or Muslim. They are keeping their own people from reaching safety because these innocent civilians are used by them as a human shield against the advancing government forces.

Just like to see what these protesters now have to say about the incident in Mumbai. Are they also freedom fighters fighting for a separate homeland in Kashmir or whatever piece of land they want? Or are they are terrorists since they killed people of your race & in your motherland ? What everybody needs to understand is terrorists needs to be defeated whatever means necessary. Sadly most of the time it is only a military response these animals understand. All the supporting groups of these terrorists need to be brought before the law & punish according to their offenses & then only the terrorism can be eradicated from our lives. We have to destroy these support structures & make sure everybody do their bit in the fight against the terrorism. Otherwise we will have to wage bloody wars against very organized & capable groups who doesn’t understand peace, cohabitation & equality.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Why am I doing a Blog ? Because I have delusions of grandeur of being a writer or because it’s something I want to do as a hobby ? I have no idea actually. Anyway blogging has not happened as frequently as I hope & wanted it to be. Why am I blogging now ? Mainly because out of the blue I got a comment for the my last post. By Theja who is a colleague of mine @ my work place. His blog conscience is a nice thoughtful blog which I found interesting. Which suddenly made me wants to update mine. Hope this interest lasts….

These last few months has been an interesting passage of my life. I found my life changing bit by bit after the marriage. Beforehand I never thought about how it will change my daily routines. But now I find myself leaving work as soon as possible since now she is pregnant. Before I was one of the last to leave the office, but now I have to plan about the days I want to be late & adjust my schedules. And look after her needs & make sure that I keep her happy & comfortable. Many say that having kid is a big responsibility, but I still didn’t feel like that. I’m sure in the near future I may have to seriously think about it. As the new US president elect Barack Obama (Aren’t we all glad that he won!)said “we need change”. And fate has delivered the change to my once aimless life & currently I’m enjoying it thoroughly .

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