Monday, December 03, 2007

Saluting Murail... The Unassuming Champion

Finally he has done it. By bowling Collingwood Muttaiah Muralitharan has become the leading wicket taker in Test Cricket. This friendly, unassuming man from Kandy Sri Lanka has lead the Sri Lankan bowling attack for so long that it is a miracle he still has the enthusiasm, which he displays when ever he is in the field. All Sri Lanka has waited for this amount & all of us a proud of him.

The following extracts are from a fine article in

"You wouldn’t think there could possibly be anything more he could do to embellish the legend, but even as the warm breath of the Kandy Man’s most momentous feat enveloped the Asgiriya Stadium, came another reminder of his uniqueness.

When Fred Trueman became the first man to take 300 Test wickets at The Oval in 1964, he observed with typical drollness that, if anyone outdid him, he’d be “bloody tired”. Having sent down 38,000-odd balls to Trueman’s 15,000-odd, most of them in steamy, strength-sapping conditions, Muttiah Muralitharan had even more reason to prattle on about work ethics and sweat-drenched toil. Heaven knows he’d have been justified, in the heat of the moment, in hailing his historic delivery to Paul Collingwood this morning as the greatest ball of his career, an impeccable fusion of sorcery and sauce. What followed was as unexpected as anything he has ever served up for our delectation. "


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