Monday, October 23, 2006

A Historic Memorandum Of Understanding

Today will go down in Sri Lankan history as a momentous day. Today the two main parties of Sri Lanka The Sri Lanka Freedom Party & The United National Party has entered in to a historic Memorandum Of Understanding on Six common issues to Sri Lankan problems.

This is unprecedented in Sri Lankan policies, where major elections are marred by the winners abusing the loser party supporters, violence & even killings. But the current President Mahinda Rajapakse has shown that he is above these petty politics & expressed his willingness for an understanding with the major opposition parties to take Sri Lanka forward. He had already shown that he is no push over, by staunchly resisting against the LTTE terrorists while expressing his commitment to the peace process.

Opposition leader also must be praised for this effort, because for sure there was few who didn’t want this to happen. They want to topple this democratically elected government by any means what so ever& get to power. So, they can keep profiting, taking bribes & all other dirty things. But MR. Ranil Wickramasinghe has taken the brave & sensible decision of supporting the government within a frame work for the good of the nation.

Very well done fellas! Lets hope this situation prevails. If all are sincerely committed to it, this will take Sri Lanka forward. Otherwise unfortunately there will be no hope. For this is truly the last chance saloon for Sri Lanka.

Paul Scholes scores Goals

He has gone and scores another one. Against the biggest rivals of my favourite team. Paul Scholes has appeared 500 times for Manchester United & he celebrated the oocasion with a goal against Liverpool. And this interview was on Man Utd site commemorating his 500 appearences for the club.

"Paul Scholes gives an insight into his favourite goals and the best players he has played with and against...

Best goal scored
It was probably the volley at Bradford from Becks’ corner. There was also one against Panathinaikos where I chipped the keeper, which I think was a better team goal. We had about 25 passes before I scored, I think. It was definitely one of my favourites, but probably the Bradford volley is the best.

Best goal seen
I'd have to say Ryan Giggs against Arsenal in the FA Cup. It was just unbelievable. I was asking him to square it - I don't know why and I'm glad he didn't! He just smashed it in the top corner. It was an unbelievable goal and with the circumstances it was in, it was amazing.

Best player played with
Ryan Giggs. Well, Ryan or Roy Keane. They’re very different players but if I had to choose one it would be Ryan. He can do anything with a ball.

Best player played against
Rivaldo. Zidane and Ronaldinho are obviously fantastic players but watching Rivaldo was brilliant. We played against him at Barcelona and also at the World Cup with England and he was just amazing. He was different class in the two 3-3 draws with us and when Brazil knocked England out of the World Cup.

Best stadium
It's got to be Old Trafford, there's nowhere else to play! I like playing at Newcastle's ground, actually. There's always a good atmosphere, the crowd really get behind their team and we always tend to do well there. "

What a special & humble player.

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