Sunday, September 10, 2006


Had a twentyfourothon! It is like a marathon, with watching season one of 24 instead of running. Finished the first 16 episodes within 26 hours starting from 7 pm Saturday to 9 pm Sunday. Still 8 more episodes left. Although 24 id airing in one of our tv channels I have never been able to watch it continuously. And I don’t watch tv often. Only if cricket, football or any kind of sports or a good movie is airing. So when I burrowed the first season of 24 from Suranga I had to wait till I get a considerable amount of free time to watch it. And it is hard not to watch it continuously, considering how well it was made to make the viewer compelled to watch it. Right now Terri, Agent Bauer’s wife is suffering from amnesia, his daughter Kim is stranded without her Mom & Bauer is clueless about their travails. And presidential candidate & his entire family along with Bauer’s family are in danger by Serbian militants, who are hell bent on getting revenge for their family. They were killed by Bauer & his team during a mission to assassinate a war lord, who was the head of Serb’s family.

Kiefer Sutherland


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