Friday, August 04, 2006

Sri Lanka in the brink of an all out war

Well some would argue we are already in a full-scale war rather than approaching it. Anyway LTTE are firing mortars & rockets indiscriminately into government held areas, more often than not killing innocent civilians. Thousands of Muslims in muttur have become homeless & are fleeing from the violence. Government forces are still advancing on the mavilaru sluice, which was the focal point of the present increase in violence. LTTE being the terrorists they are have closed the sluice for no apparently justifiable reason denying water to thousands of people & their paddy fields. Government had no other option than a military one to get that sluice open again.

And for the first time in recent times Sri Lankan government has taken a hard stand against the terror tactics of LTTE & many do not disagree with that decision. But the situation has escalated to dangerous proportions & it should not be let to get out of hand. SL government should decide whether to stick with this joke of a MoU or finish what they have begun.


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