Thursday, June 15, 2006

LTTE back to its Murderous Ways

A bomb blast in Anuradhapura has reportedly killed more than 50 civilians. It goes without saying that all of them are innocent people going about their work & LTTE bastards are behind this. The so called peace process has now gone beyond joke status & has virtually become a tragedy. LTTE has broken almost all the clauses in the MoU & acts as it does not exist. Government on the other hand is under pressure from the international community to adhere to the MoU. If this continues any longer the general public will surely turn against the government in protest.

What everybody should understand is LTTE is not a rebel movement in normal sense. They are first & foremost a terrorist organization. Their leader Prabakaran dont want a democratic solution. He orders his soldiers to drag school children to be trained as soldiers while his two children are comfortably studying in abroad.They do not want a political solution where other Tamil parties co exists with them in north. LTTE want north & north east for themselves and ready to kill any one who go against them. The only language they understand is violence & unfortunately government will have to resort to some military action soon or later. It will save many innocent lives is it happens sooner rather than later, but there will be the inevitable casualties from the military side. It is easy for the not involved people to say go to a war. But it is a huge decision on the government side, which will mean lower investments by foreign companies & other draw backs.

But right now the only way seems to be a military solution where at least the government should push LTTE to corner where they have to accept a political solution & lay down their arms. But if past experience is any indication LTTE will never accept it. Just like this time they will use the time of negotiation to strengthen their military & go back to their usual murderous ways. Time has come for President Rajapakse to take a tough stance & eradicate this curse from our island once and for all. While all before him failed in this regard most Sri Lankan’s believe he is up to it.

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