Thursday, May 04, 2006

Weekend @ Kandy

Last weekend we went to Kandy, hometown of my buddies Senka & Nuwan. There were six of us with Suhith, Meeya & Tempa. We went by motorbikes on Saturday afternoon & came back on Tuesday morning. Had a wonderful time with roaming around Kandy city & visiting historical & religious places like Gadaladeniya & Ambekke Temples.

The best place was Ambuluwawa. While it a fairly new construction, the bio diversity & religious harmony site was a magnificent place with all the major religious worshipping places situated at the mountain top. And the road to the top is not an easy one. None of the bikes were able to climb it in any other gear than the 1st gear. The view at the top of GoviJana Chetiya is breathtaking, with Gampola town surrounded by mountains & Mahaveli River going between them. And the surrounding garden is a landscaping masterpiece by Sri Lankan standards.

And no trip in motorbikes is complete without an accident & we had a one. When we were coming from Colombo Meeya who was riding my bike had a glancing blow from a lorry & had a mighty tumble. Fortunately he was not hurt, but the bike was damaged a bit. And still I haven’t had the time to get them repaired.


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