Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Da Vinci Code Banned in Sri Lanka !

Sri Lankan president has banned screening of the movieThe Da Vinci Code in Sri Lanka. It is said that the decision to ban the film was taken on an appeal by the Catholic Bishops Conference in Sri Lanka. This is an outrageous decision to say the least. A movie which has been very well received in all the countries it was screened last week was deemed to offend the sensibilities of the Catholic Sri Lankan. Total damn bullshit! This film is & will be shown in all the major Christian European countries no one has banned it. But Asian Catholic Church has begun a major offensive against it claiming all kind of nonsense. Is only Asians have frail sensibilities that are so easily offended? Or do they think Asians ( which incidentally includes these bishops too) are utter idiots to confuse a work of art based on a fiction with the facts ?

To quate a part of the article,

“The Bishops charged that the movie is a product of a "totally perverted mind" and that it reaches the height of moral corruption. "It matters greatly to us as it adversely affects the most sacred beliefs of our people when it levels the charge that the Catholic Church is essentially a vast network founded on maintaining the lie of Jesus' Divinity."

Calling the film and the book blasphemous, the Bishops said the book attacks the very person and mission of Jesus Christ. "Those who say the book is just a story do not understand that this deception is part of the book's power. The book and the film are offensive to Christians. Brown and Howard are clearly targeting Christians when they attack what is most sacred to us, namely the person of Jesus Christ," the letter added.The Bishops pointed out that while artistic creativity needs a climate of freedom, such freedom cannot be separated from responsibility.”

What he basically means is creativity is just fine until you reach Jesus Christ. Beyond that is off limits. These are the kind of people who banned Satanic Verses of Salaman Rushdie & placed a bounty of his head, as well as Thaslima Nasrin. These kind people some how got the then government of Sri Lanka to ban Bettie Mahamud’s “Not without My Child” too. They just worship a different god. Their intolerance & ignorance knows no bounds. They mentally still live in medieval times, where freedom of expression was suppressed & burning at stakes of any person who had any different view was the inevitable punishment. To them questioning their faith is unthinkable.

Da Vinci Code is a fiction which was based on some actual facts, which incidentally has been debated for centuries. Some of those facts a disputed by many scholars while some are accepted as truth. Neither Dan Brown nor Howard have claimed that the film to be the truth. It was their imagination & creativity working towards creating art. Not anything else.

The problem Catholic Church sees in this film is that it will make the viewer think. Not because they believe it to be truth but because they will see some parallels, some things they heard before & discarded. They will go and search about them. Catholic Church is afraid that. They want their followers to accept what ever they say as the gospel truth. They don’t want any questioning, just blind faith. And any kind of expression against them, whether to be fiction or factual is anathema to them.

I have bought the book and was looking forward to see the movie in big screen. Now I will have to watch it on my pc with a pirated DVD & be satisfied. This is quite sad & upsetting. We are deprived of a movie watched & enjoyed by millions worldwide by religious bigotry. And that is quite unacceptable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot believe this either, they must have confused this pack of easily disprovable superstition with fact.

I mean everybody knows that Jesus was in Eastern Asia (Kasakstan?) from the age of 10 to 29 calling himself Easu and studying Budism. And after his supposed crusifiction he returned their and died at an old age. His tomb exists and is venerated to this day.

May 26, 2006 3:22 AM  
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June 03, 2006 3:45 PM  

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