Wednesday, February 08, 2006

After a Long Absence

Sorry for the quite a long absence from blogging. Many of you would have not noticed at all. Anyway the blogexplosion users would have found it quite nuisance to stare @ the same page for at least 30 seconds quite a few times. It was absolutely impossible to write anything in the past few weeks because we were under a huge & frustrating virus attack. All the 40 odd computers @ Head Office were giving one problem or another. And several other PCs on the WAN were acting funny too. Since most of the PCs are not running the latest virus Guards it took forever to clean them up. Then the E Mails started to bounce saying “550 5.7.1 Email rejected due to sending server misconfiguration - see “.

Apparently the viruses were mass mailing & some servers hadblocked our mail server from sending mails. Result? Utter Chaos!! Every other department were on our head demanding E Mails be restored ASAP. How I hate days like these. After requesting to remove our IP from their lists the damn servers wanted 24 hours! So, had to use Yahoo & Gmail for urgent correspondence. That means giving internet access to quite a few users. A sure way to get a machine infected. Had to install Firewalls & take other security measures to avoid that happening. That means working 14-16 hours a day for weeks!

However things are sort of back to normal. So back to blogging it is!!!


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