Monday, January 02, 2006

Starting the Year with King Kong

Ended the first working day of the New Year by going to Liberty Cinema to watch King Kong with Suhith, Senaka, Thanu & our new IT Manager Suranga. Actually I tried to watch it on 31st December, but had to go back because it was house full. Even today the cinema was full at 6.30 pm and many were dissapointed. It started at 7 pm & finished at 10.20 pm. It was simply awesome. Visually it is a perfect movie. In fact it had bit of everything, comedy, thrill, love & tragedy. Peter Jackson is a visual magician. He has taken CGI to another level. Just as George Lucas & Stephen Spielberg has done before him. The fight with 3 dinosaurs & the scene where the ship crew running in midst of them were fantastic. Although some may say those scenes were little bit too long it doesn’t get boring. Will go to see it again, just to enjoy those magical scenes!


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