Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Comings & Goings

Hectic times at office. Quite a few are leaving & new people are coming for their places. First of all our visual merchandiser & dear friend Nuwan decided to leave due to some misunderstanding with our directors. He is actually a one of a kind guy. Who will standup to what he believes & won’t take bullshit as a part of his job. He handed over the resignation letter when it became clear that his way of working doesn’t suit the company & he was not recognized for the work he did. It was a sad loss, because he was a very good friend. Office is but dull without him.

Then the last colleague of the original IT FOUR Nazlin left. Now only I’m left of the original inhabitants of the IT department. He got a good offer from a company in Kandy & he decided to take it. The main new addition is the IT Manager Suranga. Although he is not exactly a new person. He worked closely with us when he was with his previous company. And finally there are some new girls. As usual they get the all the attention right now.


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