Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hip Hop @ Anuradhapura

If you are a Sri Lankan, Yes The title is correct. Last saturday the first ever Hip Hop concert was held in New Town Anuradhapura. It was organized by one of my friends ( Shamika). Me & Della (Nuwan) went to A'pura on Saturday morning to help. Actually more of us were supposed to go from colombo, but as usual come saturday morning they had varies other tasks(damn lies & lazy buggers). Anyway we two had to man the ticket counters since the Shamika & guys didn't want to be there since if they were issuing tickets many would want to get in to the hall for free! It was held at Swarnamali Girls convent Hall & around 800 to 900 people attended. Actually I was suprised to see such a big crowd for concert of this kind in Anuradhapura. Doggynation, B & A, DirtyCry, 6th Lane & Iraj & IllNoize performed.

All went quite smoothly except that Iraj wanted more than what he has agreed beforehand. We had to pay around Rs.10,000 more for him & his team. Anyway they were the main attraction & they rocked the hall. For the maybe the first time I can remember we were at a musical show or a concert while being sober. Alcohol was prohibited to all the organizers & considering the fact the way some of our gang behave after consuming alcohol it was a prudent decision.

Although at the beginning I doubted, Shamika was able to make a little profit in the end. Since this was the first, it was a good start. Sunday morning he gave a party to all of us near Nuwara Lake where wild boar, Old Reserve & Toddy played major parts. Anyway we managed to catch a late evening bus back to Colombo since both me & della had to come to work on Monday.


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