Friday, November 11, 2005

A new forum & A Fantasy Team

Had an easy paced week so far. It was not hectic as usual, no major computer breakdowns or no new bugs identified in the POS & Inventory systems. It doesn't mean I have been idle, but lets say that I had more spare time @ work than usual.

Spare time = Surfing. And surf I did. Found a new forum to participate called neoseeker.
It is mainly a gaming & hardware forum, but have many interesting threads. I found it while searching for some driver using Google & it directed me to it. Previously I was only participating in Spymac.

But after its updation it is acting kind of weird. It is very slow for one thing and it’s still not functioning fully. And I find the posting is not as numerous as before. Maybe they are waiting till it’s back as before. Anyway it is a very good site & I had many interesting & constructive arguments in their forums.

And I have registered in Fantasy Premier League & I find it quite good. I have fantasy soccer teams in Premier.Fantasy-Manager & Channel 4 Fantasy Football Monthly 2005-06. But I liked FPL’s format quite good, it gives you 100million to have a 15 member squad while the other 2 limit you to 50million on 11 member squad. Anyway have a party to attend in the evening & tomorrow is Saturday! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!


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