Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Redemption Of Althalus

This is the latest book I finished reading( finished is a relative word here. I finished all the available pages of the book. Unfortunately last 10 pages were missing. It's the peril readers have to face when borrowing books from a library, even when it is British Council).

It is very good fantasy, although the opening few chapters are little slow paced. It is witty & imagenatively written. It follows a thief called Althalus who was hired to rob a book from a house at the end of the world. Although the house turned out to be owned by a goddess Dweia, who is the sister of the Author of the book. And the Author Deiwos is Creator God. Althalus is persuaded to change the sides & he begins his education in to magic & other things.

Book is written by David & Laigh Eddings who are Husband & Wife. Must be a nice household with so much of imagination!.


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