Wednesday, August 10, 2005

IndianOil Cup Final

Sri Lanka beat India in the IndianOil Cup final by 18 runs. In the end it was an easy win, although Sehwag gave a big scare for every Sri Lankan supporter for a brief time. When he thrashed Mahroof & Lokuhettige to all parts of the ground. But ever reliable Chaminda Vass got him out, when Sehwag played a wrong shot to an inswinging delivery. After the 15 overs Sri Lankan spinners spearheaded by the best ever Muralitharan strangulated the Indians. It was inevitable & every one including Indians knew that's going to happen. But knowing is one thing & doing something about it is quite another.
So it is back to drawing board for India. They are still unable to find the balalnce in their ODI team. They are still unsure about whether they need 5 genuine bowlers or 6 specialist batsman & a keeper. Anyway Greg Chappel must be wondering whether Tom Moody got the better Asian job.


Blogger Joker said...

the indian team has always had a knack for making any match interesting. figure that out*GRIN*

August 10, 2005 8:21 PM  

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