Monday, July 04, 2005

Just Finished Reading

Jasper Fforde, what a writer!. Just finished reading " The Well of Lost Plots". This is the second book of Fforde I have read. First one was " Something Rotten". Which was the 4th Book of the " Thursday Next " Series. TWLP is the 3rd Book. What is different about Fforde's books is they so unique ( as far as I'm aware). It is a whole new world, where literary characters mingle with each other. It is an incredible, appealing, and often highly entertaining fantasy-world.

Book as several plots all surounding the major incident of the Story Operating System Upgration from BOOK V1 to UltraWord™. The Heroine Thursday Next is inside the book world & is just beggining to work as a jurisfiction agent, where the maintain the peace & quite & the integrity of the books.

It is a quite entertaining book with a clever premise which will keep you smiling until the last page.


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