Thursday, July 07, 2005

Cricket, Lovely Cricket

Cricket is back. Although for most people outside former British Empire Cricket is a baffling game. There are so many rules & a Test Cricket Match takes 5 days! But for the Asians it is a passion bordering on a Religion. Whenever a Cricket Match ( Spacially One Day Internationals )involving Sri Lanka is televised all the work in the country become secondary. War, Cost of Living, Politics everything just goes out of peoples mind. In their place comes in Muralitharan, Jayasuriya, Vass & Co.
So after a several months International Cricket is back in Sri Lanka. West Indies team is touring here. But all is not well. Because most of the senior players of Windies are missing due to a contrat dispute. It is becoming a usual occurence with the Windies team. Many of the Sri Lankans are unhappy because Brian Lara ( arguably the Best batsman in the world ) will not be here. To most of the Sri Lankans he is the favourite cricketer apart from local players.
Sri Lankans should have a easy tournament, but regarding the uncertain nature of our players its not a certainity.
Murali will be playing Test cricket after a 11 months of absense due to injury & hopefully make further inroads to the record of most nuber of wickets taken which is currently held by Shane Warne. Warne is in England playing for Australia, who are getting beaten by England too often to their liking! Hopefully this will be the end of Aussie dominence in Test Cricket.
Anyway we have a very busy cricket schedule in the coming months, with around 15 test & 45 ODI toplay.Hope the rain will keep away & let us enjoy our Cricket. Good luck Boys !


Blogger Carolyn said...

don't get to excited I'm Australian and we didn't think we'd lose to Bangladesh but its a funny old game.

July 11, 2005 5:31 AM  

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