Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sports Day

Finally decided to upload some images of our sorts day to the blog. I wanted to do it, but couldn't get myself to do it. It was a good tournament for our team & me. We reached semi finals, but lost it to a team from one of our Shops. On the way to semis we established a new record for the highest total of the tournament history by soring 95 runs for 3 wickets in 5 overs. I won the Best batsman of the Tournament award.
Yesterday we celebrated our achievement from the prize money we received for the highest total. All the members from the 2 teams participated ( we had 2 teams from Head Ofiice for the tournament).

The Bestbatsman of the Tournament. Not bad huh ? ;) Posted by Picasa

This is me @ our Company Sports Day Playing Cricket. Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 25, 2005

Back to Normal

Things are back to normal. Lance won his Last & 7th Tour De France with comfort, Australians beat England comprehensively in the First Test match of the Ashes series & West Indies are looks set towards a familiar defeat in the second test again Sri Lankans. So it is the normal service. Nothing fantastic to attract neutral observers except Lance's farewell. Which he did in the best way a sportsman can. Going out while on top!

Aussies won the match due to a superb bowling performance by their old warhorses, Mcgrath & Warne. Only Kevin Pietersen( South Africans must be kicking themselves for losing a player like this) offered any resistance.

And at home Sri Lankans are doing their best to make a competition out of the match with West Indies. They were all out for 150 & West Indies got only 148. Second innings is more according to the script. West Indies have to score 378 runs to win the match & they are never going to get anywhere near it.

Looking forward to the triangular One Day Internationl tournament between Sri Lanka, India & West Indies for some excitement. And the England Primiership Season is around the corner, where I hope Manchester United will do better than the last season.

My previous post about Lance was linked by a fellow blogger Joker in his artcle about Lance's Tour Win. It is the first time that has happened & it was nice to see that someone liked one my posts! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

On course for magnificent 7

Less than a week to go. And the ride for glory is very much on track. All the pretenders to the throne are comfotably left behind. Detractors are rendered spechless. Tour de Lance is almost on the verge of completion.

Lance Amstrongs quest for 7th consecutive Tour de France victory is almost assured barring a ill fated crash or sickness. Arch rivals Ulrich & Basso are over 2 minutes back & it is virtually impossible to catch Lance now, since the gruelling mountains are left behind. His team mates in the Discovery Channel team are doing an admirable job of protecting their leader & his Lead.

Although Jan Ulrich can look forward to next year whith no Lance. But he seems to fading. Basso has developed very much & Rasmussen seems to a genuine contender. Anyway Good Luck Lance. Make them Suffer!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Back on Track

Haven't posted for some time. Mainly because I was busy with our Company Sport Day & we have been practicing for the 6 a side Cricket Matches. We won our 2 practice matches held with Store's team. And talking about Cricket, Sri Lanka beat West Indies quite comfotably in the end. Although Sri Lanka made a meal out of it. It was left to the always reliable Muralitharan & Vass to sort out the mess created by our Batsmen. Both of them batted sensibly in the first innings & balled magnificiently in the second innings. Way to go Guys ! Keep it up !!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Cricket Posted by Picasa

Cricket, Lovely Cricket

Cricket is back. Although for most people outside former British Empire Cricket is a baffling game. There are so many rules & a Test Cricket Match takes 5 days! But for the Asians it is a passion bordering on a Religion. Whenever a Cricket Match ( Spacially One Day Internationals )involving Sri Lanka is televised all the work in the country become secondary. War, Cost of Living, Politics everything just goes out of peoples mind. In their place comes in Muralitharan, Jayasuriya, Vass & Co.
So after a several months International Cricket is back in Sri Lanka. West Indies team is touring here. But all is not well. Because most of the senior players of Windies are missing due to a contrat dispute. It is becoming a usual occurence with the Windies team. Many of the Sri Lankans are unhappy because Brian Lara ( arguably the Best batsman in the world ) will not be here. To most of the Sri Lankans he is the favourite cricketer apart from local players.
Sri Lankans should have a easy tournament, but regarding the uncertain nature of our players its not a certainity.
Murali will be playing Test cricket after a 11 months of absense due to injury & hopefully make further inroads to the record of most nuber of wickets taken which is currently held by Shane Warne. Warne is in England playing for Australia, who are getting beaten by England too often to their liking! Hopefully this will be the end of Aussie dominence in Test Cricket.
Anyway we have a very busy cricket schedule in the coming months, with around 15 test & 45 ODI toplay.Hope the rain will keep away & let us enjoy our Cricket. Good luck Boys !

Monday, July 04, 2005

The Well Of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde Posted by Picasa

Just Finished Reading

Jasper Fforde, what a writer!. Just finished reading " The Well of Lost Plots". This is the second book of Fforde I have read. First one was " Something Rotten". Which was the 4th Book of the " Thursday Next " Series. TWLP is the 3rd Book. What is different about Fforde's books is they so unique ( as far as I'm aware). It is a whole new world, where literary characters mingle with each other. It is an incredible, appealing, and often highly entertaining fantasy-world.

Book as several plots all surounding the major incident of the Story Operating System Upgration from BOOK V1 to UltraWord™. The Heroine Thursday Next is inside the book world & is just beggining to work as a jurisfiction agent, where the maintain the peace & quite & the integrity of the books.

It is a quite entertaining book with a clever premise which will keep you smiling until the last page.


NOTICE: Our company has discontinued all physical fitness programs since
everyone gets enough exercise by...

jumping to conclusions,
flying off the handle,
beating around the bush,
running down the boss,
going around in circles,
dragging their feet,
dodging responsibility,
passing the buck,
climbing the ladder
wading through paperwork
pulling strings,
shooting the breeze,
throwing their weight around,
stretching the truth,
bending the rules,
pushing their luck,
shuffling papers,
and playing hide and seek.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Learning HTML

Thought about changing the way my blog looks. First step, change the banner. How ? No Idea. Then came across Cut\Copy, Paste Blog. It was a huge help & it suggested flickr site where anyone can register & upload their images which they can use in their blogs. It automatically creates the html code for the uploaded images.
So the experiments are in process. If the layout annoy U, my sincere apologies. And any suggestions are most welcome.

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