Monday, June 06, 2005

Point of View

I'm a regular participant @ Spymac forum, where u get to meet lot of people with very different ideas & get to exchange their views & ideas. I signed up to the site not knowing about the forum. But because of the 1 GB e mail. this was b4 I got a gmail invitation. Now I hardly use spymac account. I daily visit the forum to post my thoughts & comments on the many topics they have.

I regularly visit to the jokes thread to read the jokes the members present & to post what ever the new jokes I get. The thread is at a forum created by an Indian & many Indians participate in. So I just posted some jokes about indians, thinking they will enjoy them & relate to them. But then all the hell broke loose. This is what happenned >

I was amazed ! I never intended to offened anybody. But they took the jokes personally. The participants posted quite a few jokes about other races & people. When I did about them they took offence. Anyway a joke is meant to be a joke. Although I accept that jokes can be used maliciously, that was never my intention. But that was their point of view.

Almost all the problems we face today arises due to the differences of our point of views. We try to prove that our view is the correct one by accusing the other. Rather than trying to understand the other's view. We tend to forget that there is another side to a coin ( or many sides to a polygon) other than side that is facing us. If we can remeber that the world will be a much peaceful place.


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