Monday, June 27, 2005

A Movie Weekend

I'm back!! After a different weekend. Usually Sunday is allocated to my GF. But we had an argument on Friday & my weekend program was shot to hell. :(
So I thought of watching some films. I went to my usual place where the rent Movies & got Star Wars, Sin City & Sahara ( Yes, they not released in VCD or DVD. But this is SriLanka ! The onlyway we can see a new film is through piracy! Thanks to Chinese, Malaysian & Pakistani enterprenuers! :) Otherwise we have to wait till the actual release of DVD, which will take around 1 year & it cost way too much. How about paying 10% of your monthly salary for a original DVD. Forget it!!)

Sin City was different. It basically a Black & White film with touches of color, which enhance the story. It is very violent film ( ultra-ultra-violent may be the word ). It is actually 3 stories ( 1. Abuot Marv's Revenge for the killing of a whore. 2. Dwight & a group of prostitues fight against orrupt policemen & mob. 3. Hartigan Vs Yellow Bastard ). All the three stories are based on characters in the same city. The share the same bar & are in same locations, but the don't mix. All 3 parts have separate characters. If you have watched Kill Bill & liked it, then this is the film to watch. If you didn't like it, you may like it. The Jackie Boy scene ( which was guest directed by Kill Bill Director Tarantino, is the most violent) & Marv's feeding young cannibal to dog was almost revolting. But all these violence doesn't make the viewer sick mainly because they are hyperstylized & monochrome imagery adds a dreamy feeling to it.

Star Wars was cool. Yes! Just cool. No big deal. Ok, I have never watched the old triology & I only watched Attack of the Clones. I missed triology mainly because it is quite hard to find it in here ( there was no piracy those days! ;) ) Anyway it was much better than Clones, but dialogs are nothing to write about. And personally I think there were too much light saber fights. But it was good & CGI was awsome. Acting was acceptable apart from some cheessy scenes with queen amidala. Right now I'm searching for the original trilogy, because all though I know what happennes in them, I want to see them happen.

Sahara is an adveture film. But it is way better than many of them. Better in enjoyment atleast. As usual of the adventure genre it is preposterous & unbelievable coincidences, etc. But it is fun. Matthew McConaughey & Steve Zahn are very good. So is Penelope Cruz. It has boat chases, camel rides, cabalry attacks, helicopters, etc. But unlike many films, it doesn't become tedious. It flows smoothly from beginning to end.

So that was my weekend. Not bad I guess. But I still got one angry girls friend to make peace with. If I do not post again, U know what happened to me. Wish Me Luck !


Blogger cube said...

Star Wars wasn't as good as I thought it would be. The effects were great, but, as usual, it's the dialogue Lucas has difficulty with. BTW, Padma is Senator Amidala now, not queen.

June 29, 2005 6:13 AM  
Blogger Scourge (Skûrj) said...

you don't get paid that much do you?

So this star wars disc you watched, didn't it have video?

July 01, 2005 12:34 AM  
Anonymous stacee said...

good luck with the girlfriend.

July 01, 2005 1:22 AM  
Blogger Sameera Malinda said...

Thanks for the wish stacee. Things are back to normal. :)

July 01, 2005 8:32 PM  

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