Thursday, June 16, 2005

Fishing in Muddy Waters

Sri Lankan government is now technically a minority goernment. Because one of the main parties of the ruling Alliance, JVP has pulled out of it. This leaves the ruling United Peoples Freedom Alliance without a majority in parliment. And since JVP member's of provincial councils will follow suit the same situation will arise in those councils too. This is sure to bring the already fragile Sri Lankan economy to the brink of another meltdown. Because goverment will be forced to rely on TNA ( the puppets of LTTE terrorists) & UNP ( Hah !! ).

As usual the main oppesition party UNP is evading the burning question. They say they wants a Presidential Election . Typpical of the party!. They can't say that they support the Joint Mechanism, because they are mortally afraid of further lose of urban sinhala buddhist votes. And they can't oppose it because 1. They signed the MOU with LTTE, which started all this trouble 2. The Joint Mechanism has International support, they can't alienate them. So what they do ? They ask for a Election!

It's their leader Ranil's dream to become the President of Sri Lanka. It doesn't matter to him that he has lost countless elections ( parliment, presidential, provincial, you name it- he has lost it) he won't go like many other political leadres from other countries. He will try again & again ( and hopefully loose again ). He doesn't care about the situation in country. He should take a stance in this present crisis, but all he want is power. Let the general public & country go to the dogs.

It's no wonder Sri Lanka has gone to the dogs when it is ruled by Dogs !


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