Monday, May 30, 2005

Why Blog ?

Why Blog ? I don't know . I just saw a blog entry about one of my friends & I thought its a cool way to express what you feel. The blog entry I read was this :,date,2005-01-29.aspx .

The one person ( Harendra ) in this story is my friend. According to him this was partly his fault & other part Dinesh's. He send the said mail advertising Hameedia ( ) to dinesh & many others. He got Dinesh's address by some mail. Then Dinesh replied to the mail by selecting " Reply to All" & accusedhim for spamming. And saying that Harendra is making them waste money by downloading unwanted mails by dialup, which Dinesh was doing too ( by sending his reply to all others, rather than sending it to only to Harendra ). They exchanged some juicy e mails for sometime acusing each other. In the end no one won!

It is wrong to spam. But you have to be carefull that you practice what you preach. Anyway. this is my first foray in to blogging. Hope I didn't bore you & hope to continue posting. Have a good day !!

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